The moral pact with all the young women and men

Friday the 18th August 2017 saw an impressive inauguration ceremony as President Paul Kagame took oath of office, to start his 7-year term. With about 20 Heads of State and Government as well as representatives of various countries and organizations present to witness the ceremony, it was a sign of solidarity and respect to the president and recognition for his remarkable efforts to make Rwanda an admirable nation that it is today. But I took keen in the inaugural address with more emphasis on this statement
 Our priority is to deepen the moral pact with all the young women and men who voted for the first time and with such passion. Everyone saw how they took the lead during the campaign, and actually made it flawless. I want us to recognize you for that.” 
As a promoter of youth empowerment, I related with this statement because it resounded a determination from the head of state  to put the young people at the fore front in the next 7 years.
A society that knows that youth are the critical masses, whose action or inaction can grow or undermine its fabrics, is a society that recognizes them as critical actors and agents of change and progress and it turn, it’s that society that is on the right path to fast tract it growth and development. 
There are many reasons why a nation/society should invest in its youth: Their zeal, impetus and high gear energy can make all the difference, their minds are springing innovative thoughts, they bury the old & birth the new generation, the future is already theirs, they are leading the way for change, they have a fresh mind and ready to experiment new ways, they are bubbling with enthusiasm, all they need is proper guidance and direction of their passions, dreams and hopes. The young people will be the pride of their families and the pillar of the entire nation.  
Rwanda is where it is because its youth are at the forefront and they are deeply involved in matters of shaping the Rwanda they want.  Therefore, if more priority is going to be given to youth in the next term, then there will be no more youth unemployment, literacy rates among young people will increase, no more young person will be dropping out of school, no young person will be engaged in child labor, then Rwanda’s sustainable development will be a guarantee.

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