Freedom of Speech misused

Last week, videos and images from South Africa during President Jacob Zuma’s state of nation address showed chaotic scenes as some members of parliament were literally dragged out of the chamber by the guards. Those ejected were opposition deputies who could not let the South African President start his address, denouncing and labeling him all sorts of names from “scoundrel” and “rotten to the core” because of the ongoing corruption allegations. One of the MPs called President Zuma “an incorrigible man which means hopeless. Really? Is this the freedom of speech that we keep referring to as our right? For a citizen to stand up to the president and call him all sorts of names in the name of opposition or the fact that he has a right to speech is appalling. This is the worst state of abusing our rights. What legacy are these leaders passing on to the young generation, “tomorrow’ leaders”? Does it always have to be confrontational and violent? Our continent deserves better leaders, our youth deserve better mentors and our rights deserve better respect.


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