Last Monday I read about the recent comment of our dear Pope about the LGBT community; his teachings about tolerance, equality of rights, and acceptance. Of course it is not news that the world has a large community of homosexuals (LGBT) searching for their rights. This has been loud in every part of the world; several countries in Africa have taken very harsh steps to fight this community. But the truth of the matter is they are here and they won’t go anywhere. Coming back to the pope, I thought that some of what he said was valid so I posted my thoughts on the blog .

I am active on the social media, for that reason someone, after reading my post, asked me if we could meet for a therapy. I gave him an appointment and received him in my clinic for a talk, am a medical doctor by training by the way for those who didn’t know-. It turns out, this young fellow was gay and facing some harsh discrimination in his community. He had lost his self-esteem as a person and was fighting to be “normal” and fit in his society. Seeing and hearing how much he was struggling made me think about what our society was doing to these young men and women.

I know so many of you are going to think that I have been possessed by demons. But before you do that let’s first read our bibles. In Genesis 19, God decided to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha because the population was engaging in homosexual acts. Many Christians nowadays used the very portion of the bible to KILL these men and women. Can I submit to you, dear readers,that the fire and brimstone (used to destroy the city) came down from heaven from GOD HIMSELF? When did God assign us to kill and torture these poor people? We have magnified this sin but we all have sins and weaknesses and God treats them all THE SAME. Therefore, a cheater, drunkard is not holier than a gay person. Even a liar is not holier than a gay person. Am I saying that God says it is right? Certainly not! What I am saying is we have no right to hurt, torment, or KILL them.

Did you know that God says that all humans are created in HIS IMAGE? I would like to stress on the small word ALL. Think about it; does it not change a lot? Every time I  see a gay person, I remember they are created in God’s image. Yes. We are very different in terms of beliefs and actions but, AM I GOD’S ADVOCATE TO KILL THEM? Was anyone assigned by God to torment them? (If you are please do let me know).

An asylum seeker from Uganda covers his face with a paper bag in order to protect his identity as he marches with the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force during the Gay Pride Parade in Boston

An interesting thing that I noticed (this might shock many of you) is that they are SMART, TALENTED, AND KIND! They are not murderers, they are not harming the society; they are actually participating and contributing to its development just like many of us.  These are people with dreams and ambitions. People whose intellect the society really needs.

There is something that societies all over the world decided to do, especially those highly influenced by religion; magnifying sins. As I recall, the bible tells us that all sins are equal before God. Yes, they are sins and grieve the heart of God but they are all equal. Why is it now that a homosexual is more dangerous than an adulterer? Why is the society rising up to kill them leaving the pedophiles behind? If the society decided to become God’s advocate against one sin, let it also be against all the others. I need to emphasize that it is up to God to decide if  homosexuality is a sin because it HIM who created them. IT IS WRONG. I also remember, Jesus, when Pharisees wanted to stone a caught prostitute,  he asked the crowd to stone her ONLY IF THEY HAD NEVER SINNED! Please think about that!

We need to focus on things that should be focused on. The resources spent on eradicating the gay community can be used to find a cure to Ebola (why not?), to rescue the hostages of Boko Haram, or even reduce world hunger. If these people are not hurting you or your family in any way, why harm them? And better yet, why can’t we use the same resource to eradicate something more meaningful such as hunger, AIDS, or  reduce maternal death?


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  1. Doctor really I look up to you, your assessments about some realities rebuilt me. thank u, I’m not homosexual, but I love them as they are created in image of God, and God didn’t assign us to hate them, they are our relatives, our friends, our neighbors,…..

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