Religion’s Power to brainwash our People


I haven’t uploaded a blog for quite a long time (I apologize, dear readers) but I never cease to observe the people and situations around me. Recently, I thought and meditated very hard on the power of Religion. I have many employees who are so devoted to their churches and gospel trends that, when I observed their behaviors, I truly wondered if they were healthy. Do not get me wrong, I am NOT an atheist; matter of fact; I do go to church; I read and quote my bible and pray. Although we all have room to grow, I wonder if I would like to become like so many of the “Highly Ranked” Christians that I see around me.

Christianity and belief in God should not lead us to mediocrity in the workplace or elsewhere. On the contrary, this is the very thing that should lead us to excel in all walks of life. In Africa, unfortunately, religion has been so saturated with lies and hypocrisy by its leaders that they are luring the people to touch their pockets rather than to touch their hearts. African pastors and religious leaders have turned the house of God into a place of manipulation, hypocrisy, mediocrity, and lies. I do admit that they have found a great way to make easy money by involving the emotions of the vulnerable. But, very sadly, they have found a way to destroy the societies trapping them into worlds of superstition and irrational beliefs.

Back to my observations in my workplace, I am always appalled by my fellow colleagues who go to church every single day, and spend their working hours listening to several sermons by “prominent prophets, faith healers, and holy spirit evangelists.” They seem to be waiting for the great day when Jesus will take them to heaven and all pain will end; “there shall be no more mourning or tears on that day.” (I did laugh while I wrote this.) Of course religious leaders use this to manipulate their fervent followers.

May I submit to you that Heaven; the so much awaited Heaven, actually starts from here and today? May I also suggest that pain and suffering are not necessarily here to ruin our lives but to teach us and push us further? Instead of blocking the reality of the world of here and now with several songs and sermons, why can’t our African brothers and sisters begin to think critically and rise above all challenges? The people have become so absent-minded in the workplace because “the world is not their home.” Well, I believe it is for now.

It is crucial for the people, especially my African brothers and sisters, NOT to live in a superstitious state forever. Your employer is not firing you because he has demons but because you might not be performing well. Instead of locking your room for days to pray, do consider reading and increasing your productivity in the workplace.

I always try to suggest some of the things that, in my opinion, could improve some of the mishaps in our African society. I would like to tell the religious leaders to stand for truth and encourage their people to become more critical and more aware of the world. The very word “world” has been used in so many ways to lure people into superstitions. But I want to say to all fervent Christian out here that we ARE in the world so we might as well make the most of the time that Almighty God has given us. We must open up our eyes to the realities here below, think critically about solutions to our situations, and strive to be as productive and accountable in all walks of life. I truly believe that this is the kind of light that Jesus wants to see shine in the world. He did say that we were the light of the world

Thank you


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