The power of Youth

The Power of the Young



He alone who owns the youth, gains the future,” this statement carries much truth and weight especially in this generation. The international day of youth was held on August 12, 2014, in Kigali with the aim to celebrate the power and importance of the youth in bringing about change in a nation first, then in the world. There is a mighty power in the midst of our nation and it is our duty to utilize that power to bring out positive change.
Countries in the world, especially in the Great Lakes Region, have to realize the importance of the youth as partners of positive change and development. Governments, leaders, and policy makers must seek to implement relevant laws and policies that will empower the youth as pivotal citizens of the nation. The youth’s input is equally, if not more important as they hold the future of the nation. Every generation must be given room to bring about the revolution and change suitable to its needs and vision.
The international day of the youth’s should focus on raising the voice of the young especially in policy making bodies. There is much that could be gained from the young people of our nation. Their power to discover, explore, and create new things should be respected and empowered. The nation should provide the support and tools required to the youth in their endeavors because they are the source and actors of a change for brighter nation.
There are several committed, energetic, and proactive young citizens in Rwanda who instill hope in a better nation. Young entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and movements can bring about social change in the nation if provided with the right support and tools. There is hope that the issues that strike the region, even the world, have their solutions in the hands of the young generation.


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  1. 21% of the world’s population is aged 15-24 years. This age of transition can easily translate into a lost generation if not equipped with the and other gene tattoo next skills.

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